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About Meta-Skills

Watch the Video to learn about the Purpose and Intention of my videos

The intention of this Video Blog is to share inspirational impulses that helped me in my journey as a changemaker and facilitator. The ideas is to shoot short videos on essential “Meta-Skills” and provide visual ressources for further practice. Every blog post will provide:

  • A short animated video with the essential Meta-Skill
  • A longer blog post that communicates my deeper thoughts and passion around the tool
  • A Visual Ressource as well as detailed sources and materials

About VEWS

Visual News for Envisioned World Solutions

Building upon my reflections from the Global Solutions Initiative Summit 2024, I’m exited to unveil a new visual format: VEWS – Visual News for Envisioned World Solutions.

In this VEW, I’m thrilled to share a video showcasing the visual narratives I crafted as a Graphic Recorder during the summit. These images encapsulate the essence of high-level dialogues and takeaways from key stakeholders like Olaf Scholz, Bill Gates, and Robert Habeck.

Through VEWS, I aim to distill complex discussions into visually engaging formats, enabling broader accessibility and understanding of crucial global issues. From the urgent need for international cooperation to the imperative of holistic problem-solving, VEWS amplifies the voices of change-makers and catalyzes actionable insights.

Watch the video below to immerse yourself in the dynamic imagery and profound insights captured at the Global Solutions Summit 2024. Join me in this journey of empowerment and enlightenment as we strive towards a world of sustainable solutions!

let me know what you think about the format in your comments below!

More Videos

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Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done - Advanced Self-Management with Notion -"Pay attention to what has your attention" - David Allen Self-management is a critical meta-skill if you want to be successful as a facilitator! Especially if you're freelancing, you need to juggle a lot of...

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Purpose Plan

Purpose Plan

Purpose Plan - A Template for your vision and purpose -“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Fully living your purpose is one of the most rewarding life experiences ever. Doing something you love, creating world changing impact and earning...

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Visual Practice Basics

Visual Practice Basics

Visual Practice Basics  - Start Sketchnoting with the WIS-Technique - “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once she grows up.” ― Pablo Picasso   Do you struggle with boring meetings, information overload and lack of creativity? Then...

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