About me

Hi, I am Robin Hotz from Berlin. As a Graphic Facilitator, Trainer and Coach I support transformation on all levels. Hence I’m working in societeal-, organizational and personal change processes. My main tools for this are live-visualization, Integral Theory and Art of Hosting practices.


In my first life I wanted to “save the world”, studied economics (B.A.) and dealt a lot with external transformation. Although the systemic connections between social crises became more and more clear to me, the knowledge gave rise to increasing helplessness. Through my attempts to change our economic system, I became aware of how we block sustainable change with closed heads, hearts and hands. My summary: The system is flawed because people are misguided.

hence in my second life I wanted to “save the people”, studied adult education (M.A) and did a lot of inner work with myself and others. In doing so, I understood that personal development is directly related to social development. Only in combination both can thrive.

As a process facilitator, I now combine internal and external change. for this I use methodes that connect the intelligencies of head, heart and hand to support lasting transformation. That’s why I have chosen Graphic Facilitation and Systems Thinking as my main tools.


✔ B.Sc. Economics, Free University – Berlin

✔ M.A. Adult Education, Humboldt University – Berlin

✔ Art of Hosting Practitioner, Global Art of Hosting Community

✔ Facilitator for Global Change, Leadership³ Academy, Leadership³ GmbH

✔ Theory U Practitioner, Presencing Institute


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