Workshops for Powerful Visions


I offer different Workshop formats that assist organizations and leaders in realising their visions.

Vision Workshops

Powerful vision workshops, co-created and visualized together

Leadership Trainings

Trainings for developing competencies in leadership and self-organization

Visualisation Workshops

Learn the fundamental techniques of visual thinking and learning

Vision Workshops

Discover and use the Potential of Powerful Visions

Vision Workshops are transformative journeys designed for teams and organizations to craft compelling visions that drive sustainable change. Through a participatory process, we gather essential insights and facilitate the emergence of a vision that holds the necessary answers for lasting transformation.

The vision is developed collectively and brought to life through Graphic Recording to ensure it becomes a tangible and inspiring guide for your team’s journey into a promising future.

Leadership Trainings

Develop Leadership Competences for the Workplace of Tomorrow!

Leadership Trainings leverage the latest insights from New Work and leadership development to prepare teams and organizations for the challenges of tomorrow. In collaboration with, I offer sustainable learning formats that nurture essential competencies in leadership and self-organization.

Our programs enable leaders to adapt to the ever-changing work landscape and inspire their teams to thrive amidst change. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and agility, our Leadership Trainings are the key to fostering resilient and visionary leadership.

Visualisation Workshops

Unleash Your Creativity with Visual Thinking!

Visualization Workshops explain the fundamental techniques of Sketchnoting and Graphic Recording, empowering individuals to discover their creative potential. I firmly believe that everyone can draw, and in these workshops, we learn simple visualization techniques accessible to everyone.

Visual thinking enhances creativity and the ability to comprehend complex relationships. Join the workshop to unfold your skills in visual storytelling and open new avenues for innovative problem-solving.

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