Visualisation & Coaching for Systemic Change

My Services

I facilitate processes to support individuals, teams and organisations, 
to realise their visions with:

Graphic Recording & Strategic Illustration for Conferences, Keynotes and Workshops

Process Facilitation & Visual Coaching for Individuals and Change Processes

Workshops & Learning-Journeys for Organisations, Teams and Leaders

About Me

Hi, I’m Robin Hotz from Berlin. I’m passionate about powerful visions and assist people in bringing them to life. As a (Graphic) Facilitator, Trainer, and Coach, it’s important to me to support transformation comprehensively. That’s why my mission is to effect change on personal, organizational, and societal levels. My primary tools for this purpose are (Graphic) Facilitation, Integral Organizational Development, and Art of Hosting practices!


Impressions from my work


As part of the workshop series “Creative Support”, Robin held a great 3-hour  workshop. All participants were enthusiastic. Thanks to the precise planning and the perfectly structured exercises, all participants were able to start their way to the Supersketcher.

Robin has professionally accompanied our events on monetary reforms and the future of banks several times as a graphic recorder. The results were always very impressive and very helpful for collaboration and finding solutions. Thanks for the support!

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