Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (January 2022)


    1. Changes: Changes to the original work are possible up to 1.5 hours after the event. This claim expires with the acceptance of the work.


    1. Style: Visual documentation, workshops and trainings are carried out in the style of the contractor. The client is familiar with the style and design (see also portfolio and website at https://robin-hotz.de/portfolio/). The client is not entitled to claim changes after the event.


    1. Additional services: If additional services are required – like preliminary drawings, additional illustrations, workshop templates, graphic recording outside of the event or beyond the agreed time frame, the offer must be adjusted accordingly on the basis of the agreed daily rates (1500 € / day).


    1. Simple rights of use: The rights of use of the works, images or excerpts of the images as well as photos are simply granted to the client. The contractor grants the client the right to use the works without restriction in terms of time and space. The rights of use are unlimited in terms of content. The transfer of rights of use extends to all currently known types of use and includes duplication, distribution, digitization, exhibition, demonstration, broadcast, making available to the public and public reproduction. The affected works can thus be used in any way, digitally and analogously. The works may be used in any media.


    1. References: The contractor is entitled to name the client on his advertising presence robin-hotz.de under the heading “References” as a reference customer to point out the common economic relationship. For this he is allowed to use the company identification and / or the company logo / brand of the customer


    1. Cancellation: Cancellations are possible no later than four weeks before the start of the event. In the event of cancellation after this date, the client bears 100% of the offer price.


    1. Order confirmation: The signature of the offer as well as an acceptance by e-mail is considered as an order confirmation on the part of the client.